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Educator. Scholar. Violence and Intimacy Designer. Director. Actor.




Kate Serving as Violence Designer for Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood at All Beaches Experimental Theatre

Packed with thrills, romance, laughter, and immortal characters like Little John, Friar Tuck, and Maid Marian, Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood tells the enduring story of a hero of the people who takes on the ruthless powers that be. So get ready to duck a quarterstaff or two – you won’t want to miss a moment of the swashbuckling fun!

Kate Serving as Violence Designer for Romeo & Juliet at Players by the Sea

In this futuristic, utopian world, there are no men, only women. Explore Shakespeare's classic through a new lens as characters struggle to find their place within the re-defined gender spectrum and within their roles in the Capulet/Montague saga.

Kate Launches Heartland Intimacy Design & Training

Kate has launched the newest intimacy training company, Heartland Intimacy Design & Training. Heartland's mission is to provide intensive theatrical intimacy training that is academic, accessible, and affordable. 



Teacher. Scholar. Artist.

Kate is the founder of Heartland Intimacy Design & Training, an intimacy training company which offers academic, accessible, and affordable intimacy training entirely online. She has taught several workshops on staging intimacy, as well as designing intimacy for several productions. Her specific area of expertise is staging sexual trauma and assault and how to assist actors in leaving these moments behind in the theatre. Recently, Kate designed the intimacy for the world premiere production of Gertrude and Claudius by Mark St. Germain at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater.

Kate recently completed her Ph.D. in Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Missouri. Kate has two research agendas: theatrical violence and theatrical intimacy. Her dissertation, "Killing Women: Gender and Violence in Selected Works by Sheila Callaghan and Marisa Wegrzyn," examined how performances of violence committed by the characters within Callaghan's and Wegrzyn's works challenge heteronormative notions of gender.  

Kate is an Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD) with certifications in unarmed combat, rapier & dagger, quarterstaff, single sword, broadsword, broadsword and shield, knife, and theatrical firearms safety. She is also a member of the Association of Movement Theatre Educators (ATME), Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE).

Kate is also a director, primarily directing new student-written work, play reading festivals, and regional semi-professional theatre. She is an Equity Membership Candidate (EMC) with the Actors Equity Association (AEA).




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